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Ever since Young Justice premiered back in 2010, one of the major staples of the series in regards to its incredibly talented cast is undoubtedly Stephanie Lemelin. She voices a variety of diverse characters such as Olga Ilyich, Catherine Cobert, the Justice League’s computer, and most importantly, Artemis Crock. With such a colorful collection of characters, there’s no surprise that Lemelin has accumulated a stirring repertoire of works outside of Young Justice. Today, we’re here to delve into not only what other movies, television shows, and video games that Stephanie Lemelin has taken apart in, but what she brings to the table as well with each intriguing and unique character she portrays.

  • Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever!: In a more contemporary adaptation of the Harvey Girls franchise from Harvey Comics, Stephanie Lemelin lends her voice to this popular animated Netflix series as Audrey. The character herself is the leader of the titular Harvey Girls, who's also an enthusiastic tomboy who goes on grand adventures with her close-knit group of friends, Lotta and Dot. Lemelin is able to capture a sense of wonder and idealism in her performance as Audrey in this series. In a setting that’s fairly uncynical and imaginative, she’s able to fully resonate with the audience as this young girl who’s filled with endless energy trying to make Harvey Street a more fun and happy place. An insanely charming series that chronicles the coming-of-age story of three girls, Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever leaves viewers with a smile and a sense of happiness in them with its innocent likability and clever writing.

  • Dawn of the Croods: The television prequel series to the Dreamworks movie released in 2013, Dawn of the Croods tells the tale of an eccentric family of cavemen and cavewomen trying to survive in a constantly evolving world. Lemelin plays Eep in the series, a curious and somewhat rebellious teenage cavewoman, who was previously voiced by Emma Stone in the movie. The already multi-talented voice-over artist is able to impersonate Stone in an uncanny manner as Eep while also adding her own special take to the character. Lemelin is able to delve more into Eep’s story before the events of The Croods, and helps define why she’s filled with such wanderlust and a passion for the great beyond. For those who are major fans of The Croods and its sequel, The Croods: A New Age, Netflix’s Dawn of the Croods is most definitely a welcome addition to the franchise, and the series is able to let Stephanie Lemelin shine as the plucky, inquisitive Eep.

  • Spider-Man (PS4): One of the most revered video game adaptations featuring the spectacular Spider-Man, Stephanie Lemelin gets a chance at playing a quirky antagonist in this incredibly popular video game. She voices Screwball, whose identity is not revealed in the game nor the comics, an arrogant, unstable influencer who live-streams her crimes to the world. The voice actress behind our favorite young archer perfectly understands the modus operandi of Screwball, she craves attention as an overt narcissist. The evil-doing egotist gleefully causes destruction and has a grand time doing so with a barrage of bombastic commentary and terribly trollish taunts coming out of her mouth in most cases. With a ghastly gimmick and a peculiarly pesky personality, Lemelin brings her all to playing Screwball in a way that most certainly screws with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Arguably one of the most iconic video game franchises in the entire World, Stephanie Lemelin voices Abigail "Misty" Briarton, one of many interesting characters in this lucrative universe. Similar to Audrey from Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever, Misty is very much a brash, self-satisfied tomboy who's quick with a quip and well-versed with fighting with a knife. Lemelin brings a cocky energy to the role of Misty, who hides a great deal of repressed memories with her snide sense of humor and aggressive fighting skills. You can really sense that Misty has many layers to her personality and backstory despite what appears at the surface of someone who's initially quite assertive and brazen-faced. Another addition to the beloved Call of Duty franchise, this installment to the video game franchise is able to give us another well-rounded and engrossing character to add to the already impressive range of roles of Stephanie Lemelin! 

  • Sunset Overdrive: An open-world, third-person shooter game, Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive allows players to be a highly customizable character who has to annihilate mutants running rampant in the streets of Sunset City. If you choose to play the game as a female, then you'll get a personalized avatar voiced by Stephanie Lemelin! No matter what the female avatar may look or act like, they’ll always have the voice of Lemelin, and she has so much emotional range that each different variant of the female avatar still feels unique and special. You never feel like you’re getting a copy of a prior female avatar with the same voice, they all are distinctive in their own way. A video game that relishes in the fact that it’s a world where nearly anything can happen, Sunset Overdrive gives Stephanie Lemelin the opportunity to play varieties of the same character that never becomes overly repetitive and doesn’t fail with being distinguishing amongst many avatar renditions. 

Of course, this is by no means a definitive list of all the incredible works Lemelin has voiced or acted in. We highly recommend that you check out her full body of work on her IMDB page and discover some new media along the way!

What are your favorite roles that Stephanie Lemelin has played in the past? Comment down below, on our Twitter, and share in the forum too! 

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