Voice Actor Spotlight: Zehra Fazal

Zehra Fazal is a vocal powerhouse. She voices a plethora of roles on Young Justice: Outsiders such as Halo, Harper Row, Cassandra Savage, and so many more. Her vocal range allows her to play characters both young and old, and her rising career in the voice-over industry is absolutely awe-inspiring. Today, we take a dive into some of Zehra’s most iconic roles.

  1. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Beginning our voice actor spotlight with a popular Netflix animated series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a unique take on the He-Man mythos with an intriguing perspective from one of the franchise’s most memorable female leads, She-Ra. The series centers around Adora, a former soldier of an evil army, who’s ultimately destined to be the wielder of a magic sword which can transform her into a legendary warrior princess. Prior to Adora wielding the weapon, the sword was the property of the original She-Ra, Mara, portrayed magnificently by Zehra. Zehra is able to vocally represent that power one may have with this great responsibility, yet she can also portray the untimely, dark fate that the character is so unfortunately destined to follow in order for Adora to shine as a hero in this brilliantly-written series.
  2. Voltron: Legendary Defender: A Netflix-exclusive reboot of the Voltron franchise, Voltron: Legendary Defender centers around a group of pilots who can form a powerful mechanical being known as Voltron to combat the many evils within the galaxy. Zehra voices an important character early on in the series called Nadia Rizavi, a fellow pilot who’s allies with the leads of the series. Brash, but very confident, Zehra masterfully portrays this fireball of energy who has boundless amounts of confidence and fearlessness. An animated science fiction series with a heavy plot-driven narrative and incredibly lovable lead characters, Voltron: Legendary Defender is another installment to the Voltron universe that has its own unique identity with the array of colorful alien races, dark, invigorating storylines, and rich, bold character arcs that are represented within the show. 
  3. Glitch Techs: Ambitious with the creative boundaries it can break, Glitch Techs is a futuristic take on the world of video games and what can happen when a “glitch” gets a little out of hand. The show centers around two friends, Miko Kubota and Hector "Five" Nieves, who gain tech support jobs from a gaming giant's covert ops division after they discover their secret location. The two new heroes are now dedicated to stopping and containing the various monstrous "glitches" that exit the company's games often. Zehra’s contribution to the series is voicing Zahra, a Glitch Tech who’s fiercely loyal to her company despite her biting sarcasm. Another exciting franchise with a sharp-tongued, yet thoroughly likable character to add to Zehra’s already impressive portfolio, Glitch Techs makes its mark in the animation industry with a super creative series concept and a cast of colorful characters to keep it going for years to come. 
  4. League of Legends: Arguably one of the most iconic modern-day online multiplayer games, League of Legends is an insanely far-reaching world-building game that hosts a gallery of avatars with extraordinary abilities against foes of unspeakable power. Zehra voices one of the many champions in the game, the righteous and astoundingly mighty champion, Kayle. Kayle’s powers can drastically escalate in firepower and range the longer the game can go on, which in return delivers swift justice upon her foes and divine aid upon her allies. A force to be reckoned with in this world of wonders and warcraft, Kayle is one of many tremendously astonishing characters that is played by Zehra Fazal, a name that will resonate with many animation and video game fans for generations to come.

Are there any projects we missed? Comment below on which other Zehra Fazal-based properties you think should belong on this list!

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