What To Do If Young Justice Ends

It happened once before. The unthinkable. A show that had changed the way we look at some of our favorite DC Comics characters and gave them a journey of growth, aged them, and shared with us their triumphs and their failures, came to an abrupt and unceremonious end. The show ended it's two season run on an episode that had shocked the fandom to it's very core. (Read Ariel's thoughtful analysis of 'Failsafe' here). That left fans feeling hurt and betrayed, not by anything particular (except maybe Cartoon Network). It wasn't a satisfying ending.

Of course shows end but ideally good ones end on their own terms. The Arrowverse, for example, is going through such a change. Arrow, the title show of the CW's live-active superhero empire, has chosen to come to an end. They are wrapping up their storytelling the way they want to. It would be ideal for Young Justice to do so as well. Put a bow on the series and leave fans with a feeling of a complete journey.

In 2018, through the efforts of very many different fans, organizations and consistent campaigning, Young Justice was brought back to life as Young Justice Outsiders. A third season and another time jump to entice fans and move the journey forward. As we wait for the second half of season 3, so far, there are no indications that this will be its final season. At least not in terms of storytelling. So, if this does become the darkest timeline and we are left without a satisfying end to a multi-season/nearly decade long journey, what options are available to you?

  1. Dive Deep Into Fan Fic: If you don't already write your own fan fictions for this show then you might consider imagining a way you'd like to see this huge storyline wrap up. Not a writer? No worries, we have our own writer and you can request short stories from her using our Drabble Request Form.
  2. Join a Forum or Community: We have a forum right here in fact for all you Young Justice fans, but if that isn't your choice, there are HUGE communities on Reddit, Twitter, Deviant Art, Tumblr and even Discord that can provide support should the show come to an abrupt end.
  3. Rally The Troops: When Young Justice ended the first time, fans gathered around each other to create the communities mentioned above. They worked tirelessly to create campaigns to write DC Comics, Warner Brothers and so on to get the show brought back. In fact, DC Universe was proud to be that source for the return. Much of their launch campaign came from listening to the fans and bringing the show back!

Now, we aren't at that point yet, and plans to do our part for the fan community should the show not return for a fourth season, but really the best thing would be for us all to hear the show is coming back for season 4 before season 3 ends. How can we make that happen? Tune in next week, we've got some ideas!

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