Young Justice Audioplay and Panel Recap

Happy Saturday, everyone! Did you miss us? We sure missed reporting on Young Justice! And what better way than to break back into things than covering the Young Justice audioplay and panel. After some technical difficulties, we were able to access it, and it was so worth the wait. 

To keep the fun and avoid major spoilers for those who have yet to watch the panel, we’ll only give a general summary of the episode. If you’re spoiler wary, this is your warning!

The audio play episode takes place in between Season 3 and 4, and appears to be after the events of Season 3. The Team Year Zero gang (excluding Dick and Zatanna) gather at Lucas Carr’s home to celebrate a going away party for Conner and M’gann before they leave on a long-awaited trip. Meanwhile, Roy, Jim and new guy Harlan Matthews conduct a boring Bowhunter Security gig back at Star City. They’re meant to be guarding a new shipment of Waynetech hardware destined for the new Waynetech skyscraper in Star City. However, because this is Young Justice, nothing goes as planned. Amanda Waller’s ‘Suicide Squad’ hijack the mission, and the Bowhunter Crew must defend it. 

In true Young Justice fashion, the audio play episode is full of hilarious hijinks and sweet moments a plenty. It’s clear that the writers had the fans in mind while writing it, and it serves as the perfect buffer while waiting for Season 4 to come out. 

Speaking of Season 4, we finally received official confirmation that it will be titled Young Justice: Phantoms! So many theories and possibilities, we can’t wait to start sharing them with you. 

As to whether COVID-19 has impacted production on Season 4, the answer is both yes and no. While the crew have continued trekking through pre-production at home, it’s definitely been an adjustment. However, there are no anticipated delays at this time. Considering there are 23 scripts written, with zero in the can, if we had to give our best guess, we’d say that we can likely expect Season 4 around Fall 2021, or early 2022 at the latest. But this is only our guess, so who knows! Here’s hoping it’s earlier. 

Thanks to the cast and Gred and Brandon for an amazing episode! We can’t wait to see what Season 4 has to offer. 

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