Young Justice: Phantoms New Characters and Timeskip Confirmed!

Updates on the newest season of Young Justice have been few and sporadic, without much known except what was teased in the audioplay and the title. Today’s the day we get something a little extra! After months of waiting for news on Young Justice: Phantoms, we’ve finally received some confirmation on which characters will be leading the main cast, in addition to how long the timeskip will be. 

While many were hoping for a shorter skip to maintain some of the storylines we were introduced to in Outsiders, it seems like this season will be taking a different approach. This season’s time-skip looks to be around 2.3 trillion years in the future, which is quite a big jump from timeskips of seasons past! 

Given that most of the original team members would be, well, deceased, a whole new roster of characters will be taking center stage! This season will include valuable team members, such as the well-loved Sparrow, Blue Arrow, Apollo, Prodigy Girl, Red Grasshopper, Anna-Taz, and Missile! 

While this change is quite a bit different than what we were initially expecting, we’re curious to see how the new season will introduce these new characters and what missions they’ll go on. Though, one has to wonder, with a time skip that big, will we ever get confirmation on if Wally’s alive or not? Fingers crossed. 

The new season will premiere sometime in 2021, and we wait for it eagerly. 

Happy April Fools!

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