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IT’S TIME! After two years, two months and thirty days, Young Justice: Phantoms has finally arrived at our doorstep. What a panel, right? A trailer, a release date and the first two episodes?! We definitely couldn’t have predicted that. In case you’re still reeling from all the news (don’t worry, us too), we’ve already gone ahead and broken down the trailer and provided some of our thoughts as to what might happen this season. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

  • Mission to Mars: We learned during “The Prize” that Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy, Martian Manhunter and Bioship would be going on a journey, and now it seems some of those theories were right: they’re going to Mars! There’s so much epic footage in the trailer of the new challenges they face on their trip, we couldn’t even begin to speculate. Will we be kicking off the season with this trip, a la Invasion? Something interesting to note, Martian Manhunter is no longer with them! We see him say that they’re on their own, so now we’re very curious as to what went down.

  • Twisted Sisters: The return of our favorite, morally-grey cat-villainess: Jade! (Ariel’s still screaming about it in the distance). While voiceover in trailers doesn’t always reflect what’s happening in the scene, we can’t help but wonder if our theory on Jade from last season will come into play. Did she really leave of her own volition? Will she play a bigger role this season? We’re also super intrigued by the flashback of Artemis and Jade fighting each other as kids. After years of headcanons and speculations, we’ll finally get to see some cannon-animated backstory! We’re hype.

  • Breaking the Rules: Is anyone else deep into the DC Character research to find out who the masked girl is? She clearly did something wrong if Tigress is pissed at her. And given that she nearly toppled a bookshelf on Arsenal and Arrowette in the trailer a little later, our interests are piqued. Anyone got any theories on who she might be?! Not only that, but Tigress is usually quite collected and composed on the field, so whatever this young girl did surely enraged her to a point where she’s willing to commit some immoral acts. Will Tigress reach her breaking point this season?

  • Every Breath You Take: Trouble on Mars! At least, we think that’s Mars, we reserve the right to be wrong. Superboy’s oxygen tank is punctured, and he loses the fight for consciousness and passes out in the storm. Sending thoughts and prayers, we hope he’s okay!

  • Painful Memories: Artemis seems to be going through it this season. In a painful stab to our hearts, we see her both looking at an old picture of the original Season 1 Team (+Will!) and then crying in the car. Is she crying over Wally? Did something happen with Lian? Did she kiss her brother in law again? We’re scared to find out!

  • Magical Mischief: Zatanna’s in the house, and she’s not alone! That’s right, those of you who caught that she had multiple proteges in “The Prize”, you get a cookie. And in a fight against Klarion, the more help, the better. In a very (apparently bloody) fight, the four of them struggle to hold their own against the lord of chaos. We’re so excited to see more of Zatanna and her proteges in action! Jury’s out as to who the unknown girl is, but could the male be Zachary Zatara? A young John Constantine? Or a totally new character?

  • Death of a Loved One: Bowhunter + Harper Family + Tigress (?) team up?! It’s like all the holidays rolled into one. Impressively fighting a bunch of assassin goons against a very colorful set piece of destroyed fast-food spots, it is here we say goodbye to a fan-favorite character. That’s right, unfortunately, we bid goodbye to Will’s favorite clipboard. How will he fight now?! Here’s hoping he has a backup bow and arrow in the trunk of his new minivan. Why are they all fighting these goons, and what’s the cause of this epic team up? Only time will tell!

  • Battle of the Sword: In one intriguing shot of the trailer, we see the return of the ruthless, formidable Lady Shiva. While we aren’t sure as to who she’s fighting, we’re willing to make an educated guess and say that it’s no other than Cassandra Cain! A showdown between the two is sure to be epic.

  • Interpersonal struggles: Mars will clearly be taxing on Beast Boy, Superboy and Miss Martian. Between the shot of Superboy beating someone to a bloody pulp, Beast Boy worrying about losing him, and just the general tense vibe going on, it’s sure to be an emotional arc for these characters. Will Connor and M’gann ever make it down the aisle? Odds aren’t good for superhero weddings, but we still hold these sweethearts in our hopes!

  • New Character Alert: If you didn’t watch past the HBO Max logo, go back and finish the trailer! We get our first glance at a new character, who we assume may be a villain? She (?) definitely gives off some creepy vibes. Who is she?! Plus, catch that little symbol on her blazer? It’s the same one as the one on the poster for the season. Could she be another lord of chaos? 

We have so many more questions! Where were Nightwing, Aqualad and Rocket? What exactly is the main plotline this season? Does Will get another clipboard?! The good news is that we won’t have to wait too long to find out, because the first two episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms are available now on HBO Max! Following today’s premiere, Young Justice will continue to air on HBO Max on Thursdays, starting on 10/21. 

If you need to see that awesome trailer again, catch it right here: 

We’re so excited to be back on this journey with you all, and one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be an incredible season. As usual, make sure to follow us on Twitter for episode updates, preview images and all related Young Justice news!

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