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Happy Whelmed Wednesday, everyone! We know that the current times haven’t been easy, and we wish nothing but good health and safety to all of our readers. We’ll get through this by social distancing together: symbiosi. To lighten things up, this past weekend, Michael Greenway held a Young Justice trivia night, featuring some very familiar faces. Did you guys attend the stream that went down this past Saturday? If you didn’t, no worries, we’ll catch you up on everything that happened!

Organized by Michael Greenway (@DarkSuperboyDA), the Trivia Night was a rousing success, featuring appearances by Zeno Robinson (Cyborg), Cameron Bowen (Tim Drake), Eric Lopez (Blue Beetle), Neal Powell (from Whelmed: The YJ Files), and our very own Ariel Horn. Michael led the contestants through questions from a variety of categories, including General Knowledge, Video Games, and Young Justice itself. The quiz was challenging, but the contestants took all the questions in stride with a great sense of humor. Even when they didn’t know the answers, they came up with their own creative spins that left everyone laughing.

In addition to Michael’s questions, there was plenty of entertainment happening in the live chat as well! Zehra Fazal (voice of Halo and several others) provided some stellar commentary and supplementary questions for the contestants. Thomas Dreyfuss (@Thomas_Dreyfuss) hopped in the chat midway as well, able to answer questions and provide general knowledge that was more on the unknown side. Even Rich Howard (from Whelmed: The YJ Files) popped in to say hello! Plenty of fans chimed in with support for the cast, crew and the show, and it was overall a wonderful experience.

At the end of the game, Neal Powell ended up the champion of the trivia night, which was a surprise to no one. However, Emily Buza’s (from Whelmed: the Young Justice Files) score beat all the contestants, playing from the sidelines. We expected nothing less from the Whelmed team!

To catch all of the madness and hilarity that went on in the game, check out the stream below:

Michael is currently planning a second round to take place in the near future, potentially featuring an all-girls night. We, for one, look very forward to it.

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