Antisocial Pathologies Gallery & Synopsis

We are getting pretty close to the end! Don't forget that even though next Tuesday is episode 22 of 26, we will get episodes 24 - 26 all in one big final release! So really, there are only three weeks of Young Justice Outsiders left! YIKES! At least we know we are getting a season four! As you've now likely seen on our social media accounts we already have the one line synopsis for the episode but tonight we can share with you four new images of next week's all new episode! Of course, if there are more images released, which is likely going to happen, we'll add them here. If you miss the synopsis for next week, that is below too:

The betrayals come fast and furious, and with them, a reckoning...

Let us know what you think of the images and synopsis in the comments below and in our forum!

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#1 RE: Antisocial Pathologies Gallery & SynopsisSleepyDave 2019-08-08 23:07
I think the pictures of Tara and Slade are flashbacks, the lighting is just way too much. Also wow, Slade in this series looks extremely hot xD

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