Drabble Request 2: Mentoring/Magical Mission

Traci’s heart had leapt up to her throat when Zatanna texted her that morning.

Upon joining the team, Bart had aptly described Traci as little better than a hot mess. She didn’t take offense to it; not when it was true. More often than she liked, her emotions got the better of her and sent her powers a little haywire. Try as she might to reel them in, it wasn’t easy. She studied every free second she had, but studying could only do so much.

What she really needed was a mentor. Zatanna would be ideal, of course. Traci wouldn’t deny that she had the smallest bit of a crush on the older girl. It was more fangirl than anything; she and Cissie had bonded quite aptly over their love for Zatanna and Artemis. The trouble was, Traci had built Zatanna up so much in her head, she couldn’t make herself speak in the woman’s presence.

Bart and Jaime both found it hilarious; her, not so much.

Yet somehow, word had gotten to Zatanna, judging by her early morning text. Traci had been in the middle of her cereal when it came through, and the spit-take she’d done upon reading the text was almost comical.

Heard you’re in the market for a mentor. Position still open? ;)

Traci’s face was hurting from how hard she was smiling. Phone clutched in her hands, she wracked her brain for the best possible response. She couldn’t be too desperate, or clingy. She had to be cool, like Zatanna.

Barely, haha! You have a lot of competition!!

No, too dorky.

Who’s asking? ;)

No, that was dumb.

Wide open. You interested? :)

Well, that was vaguely sexual. “Get it together,” she muttered to herself, finally settling on a halfway decent response.

Yes! You have no idea what this means to me.

Traci clicked send before she could change it again, trying to calm the rapid thumping in her heart. This was actually happening. She couldn’t even think of continuing her breakfast, not when Zatanna began typing a response back. It took a tremendous amount of self-control to keep from pressing her face to the screen.

Let’s meet for coffee. Ever been to Bibbo’s? They have the best pie.


Needless to say, Traci was at a booth in Bibbo’s long before their meeting time.

It was a bad idea, in hindsight. Traci just couldn’t stop fidgeting from excitement; she was finally going to get to talk to Zatann! More than that, she might actually get to learn something from her. As much as she wanted a coffee, she knew the caffeine would only stimulate her further, so she kept it classy with a water.

On the way to Metropolis, Traci had concocted a little game plan. She’d play it cool and collected, and would listen intently to everything Zatanna had to say. If the woman asked her to jump, she was more than ready to say ‘how high’. Then, when she had thoroughly impressed her with her passionate commitment, Zatanna would agree to be her mentor and boom! Best day ever.

“I hope that isn’t all you’re ordering. I was serious about the pie.”

Traci jumped at the ever-familiar voice, knocking over her water as a result. She gasped, hands flying to her mouth as she saw Zatanna, realizing in horror that the water had soaked her dress. “I am so…” she choked, unable to finish the sentence.

Zatanna chuckled, waving her off. “No worries. Nothing a little magic won’t fix,” she purred. “Yrd em ffos,” she said, and in moments it was like nothing had happened.

“I’m so sorry,” Traci said as Zatanna sat down. “I’m such a dork.”

“Aren’t we all?” The older girl set aside her purse, crossing her legs underneath the table. “You can breathe, you know. I promise I’m not that intimidating.”

“No, it’s not that!” Traci sputtered, waving her hands around. “I’m just.. I really look up to you, is all. You’re everything I want to be as a hero,” she admitted, flushing as pink as the baseball hat she wore.

Zatanna tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, smiling kindly. “I’m flattered. So, tell me about yourself. I want to learn all about you.”

All about her? Traci couldn’t believe she was hearing correctly; not once had she banked on talking about her. “Well, I… I’m Traci. Huge fan of Space Trek. Magical girl, but not the anime kind. Soccer enthusiast. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell,” she explained, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Quel charme. I watch Space Trek, from time to time. It’s nice to see what Garfield’s up to.”

Traci’s eyes widened. “Wait, Garfield Logan? You know Garfield Logan?”

“Sure do.” Zatanna laughed, light and airy like a tinkling wind chime. “He was part of the team, once upon a time.”

“And I missed it?”

“Who’s to say? Maybe one day he’ll come back.” Zatanna’s purse began to vibrate, and she plucked her phone out, only to grin and shake her head. “Artemis always knows how to keep it interesting,” she muttered, more to herself than anything. “Sorry about that. Anyway, let’s talk business. You need a mentor, and I am more than happy to take you on. Sound like a plan?”

Traci grinned. “It’s that easy? It can’t be that easy.”

“Well, it won’t be easy once I get my hands on you,” Zatanna warned. “It’ll be hard work. But fun work, if you’re up to it. We’ll get those powers of yours under control in no time.”

A squeal bubbled in Traci’s throat, and she fought hard to keep it from coming out. “I’m up to it! More than up to it. I can’t wait to learn everything you have to teach me.”

Zatanna tossed her hair back before grabbing a menu. “Good. Now, down to serious matters: what pie should we get?”

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#1 Cute!taytay9@ 2019-04-03 14:29
Awwww yay! I really hope we see Traci and Zatanna scenes in 3B! I want to see their mentor/mentee relationship.

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