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It's a little too close for our comfort! 11 hours before the big return of Young Justice with three new episodes and we are just now finally getting new episode images from the episodes that will air tomorrow! YIKES! But if you are sitting in your chair thinking it's feeling a lot like Christmas in July, then perhaps these images can be that one present you get to open on Christmas Eve! There are twelve new images for episode 14, only five new images for episode 15 and 13 new images for episode 16! What could they be hiding in episode 15? You'll find out soon but for now check out the images below:



Illusion of Control

Let us know what you think of the new images in the comments below and in our forum!

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#1 My thoughtscaitlynh 2019-07-01 21:15

1. I can't deny it ... Tara looks so cute in the 2nd image

2. Any idea who those two people are in the second-to-last image?


1. 3rd and 5th images - so that's the blonde girl I saw in one of the trailers, I kept thinking it was Perdita :oops: .

Illusion of Control:

1. 2nd image - oh no.

2. 3rd image - I"m guessing Garfield's looking at Perdita?

3. 4th image - BAAAAAAAAART!!!!!!!!!

4. 7th & 8th images - A caterpillar? :-?

5. 9th image - So Jade finally listened to Artemis from Triptych ... Lian is so sweet

Also I did some research in DC Database, could that blonde girl from Leverage be Windfall ?

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