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It’s Thanksgiving time on Earth-16! I know, I know, everyone was SUPER pumped for this one based on the logline. Honestly, I don’t blame you! We haven’t had a Thanksgiving episode since Season One, and even that was rather light on the holiday. So, grab a turkey (or tofurkey) sandwich, put on your stretchiest pants, and let’s dig in. This episode covers Thanksgiving at Happy Harbor, Star City, and Taos. Happy Harbor deals with Victor, and how he’s still unable to accept himself for who he is. Star City handles the Harper-Crock household, and the drama that unfolds there. Last but certainly not least, Taos celebrates a Harvest Festival, in which many members of the Team come to participate; unfortunately for them, things don’t do exactly as planned. We’re going to go way into it, let’s begin:

  1. Holiday Prep: In Taos, Bart quickly helps assemble the Harvest Festival, which proves super speed is something that I definitely need to look into. Everyone’s there to celebrate, Newt, Ed, Jaime, Tracie and Virgil. Did I see Bart kiss Ed’s cheek when greeting him? Are they together? I have questions, and I would like answers sooner rather than later! Over in Happy Harbor, M’gann, Forager and Connor prepare Thanksgiving dinner, while Vic sulks in the Bioship. Same dinner-prep goes on in Star City, except Will and Artemis keep sharing some looks. What is going on here? This relationship is making me uncomfortable. Before I can dwell too much on my discomfort, we get our first glance at Paula this season! Finally, we were all wondering where she was. Brion, Tara and Violet are all spending Thanksgiving in Star City, though Violet seems less than enthusiastic. In Dakota City, Dr. Jace is still doing research on Violet’s hair sample. I still don’t trust her, guys. I will keep saying this until I am proven correct, or a fool. Author’s note: I want to take a very quick second and commend the music for this episode. If you didn’t pay attention to it on your first watchthrough, make sure you do in the second! 
  2. Girlfriends All Around: Garfield and Perdita arrive via helicopter to the Harvest Festival in Taos. Tracie rightfully freaks out over meeting Garfield, and takes it out (rather cutely) on Jaime. We finally get confirmation that Tracie and Jaime are a couple (sorry Bluepulse shippers), and introductions are made throughout the group. Virgil is less than enthused that Cassie isn’t around, feeling like a seventh wheel to all the couplets. 
  3. American Thanksgiving: Paula and Lian serenade everyone with a remix of ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, and Baa Baa Black Sheep. It’s fine, not like I’m a puddle of cuteness overload again or anything. Violet leaves Brion’s side and heads to the kitchen, expressing confusion as to why Brion and Tara are spending the holiday with them, instead of at Taos with the rest of the team. In a hilarious impression of Brion (kudos, Stephanie Lemlin!), Artemis remarks that because Violet decided to spend the holiday with them, Brion and Tara chose to do so as well. Closing out the group is Dr. Jace, who arrives fashionably late. 
  4. Crushed: The team in Taos play bumper cars together. The entire scene is sweet as sugar, save for Virgil alone in his car. Poor thing. I’m sure he’ll have someone soon, given that this is Young Justice. In Happy Harbor, Forager tries to cheer up Vic, who seems pretty content to stay in his funk. The attempt is unsuccessful, but Forager is determined to keep trying to lift Vic’s spirits. 
  5. Sick of Sweet: As the remainder of the team gets cotton candy, Ed spies Wendy off to the side. She’s still wearing her inhibitor collar, which leaves a painful twinge in the chest. Ed confides in Perdita, who graciously goes out of her way to talk to Wendy and make her feel more welcomed. Ed mentions how he wishes he could make a grand gesture to inspire the new Meta-Teens, which Garfield says is the problem. He theorizes that having a covert team and remaining in the shadows is actually doing more harm than good, and that they need to set the right example for the public. Before he can continue, the team collapse over from stomach pains, one by one until they’re all down. This clears the way for Count Vertigo to scoop up Perdita and kidnap her in a helicopter. As soon as the team recovers, they are off on the chase. It isn’t too easy, considering they can’t get close to the helicopter without the sickness overwhelming them. They keep at a distance, but follow steady.
  6. Frozen Bug: Forager once again tries to persuade Victor to come inside and join them for the holiday. Listen, I’m not sure how Victor isn’t freezing in that sleeveless hoodie of his, because just looking at him is chilling me. Despite Forager’s best intentions, Victor snaps at the bugg, insisting that he cannot be helped. Forager points out a caterpillar, explaining that perhaps in his current state, Victor cannot be helped. However, if he is open to change, then maybe he can. With this said, Forager returns to the warmth of M’Gann and Connor’s home, while Victor mulls over his words. 
  7. Illusions: Still hot on Count Vertigo’s trail, Tracie is able to use her magic and take down the helicopter. It makes a controlled landing in a nearby pueblo, and the team rushes after it. 
  8. The Life of a Lie: Back in Star City, everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner. That is, until, Dr. Jace brings up Artemis’ success as Tigress and mentoring the heroes on the team. Paula immediately snaps, not having known that Artemis had rejoined the life. Instead, she’s thought that Artemis was on the path to become a college professor. Paula and Artemis leave the room and have a heated discussion over Artemis leaving the life. Paula insists that Artemis leave and start over by rebuilding a new life with… Will. While Artemis tries to deny it, given all the longing glances these past three episodes, I’m not too sure she can anymore. What’s even more disheartening is that they have this conversation right in front of a family picture of Will, Jade and Lian. Talk about ow. I’m uncertain as to where this plot is going to go, and it’s leaving me a little worried. I’ll prepare a barf-bag in case of any future Will and Artemis smooches. 
  9. Psimon Says: Despite searching everywhere in the pueblo, the team is unable to locate Queen Perdita or Count Vertigo. Thanks to Scarab, Jaime starts to notice that the pueblo they’re in is an illusion. With some quick thinking, the team places their trust in Garfield, who uses his bear-form to smell out Perdita’s scent. They run into Henchy, but are surprised to discover that their attacks have little affect on him. While Vertigo is distracted with the attack on ‘Henchy’, Perdita manages to land in a swift blow, revealing that the true villain was Psimon in disguise as Vertigo, and Devastation in disguise as Henchy. Perdita is recovered, but the team soon realizes that her kidnapping was meant to distract them while the remainder of the Meta-Teens remained unguarded at the Harvest Festival. Sure enough, Onslaught (plus their new addition, Holocaust) is wrangling up the unconscious teens without any problem. The team zips back to the Harvest Festival and rescues the Meta-Teens from Onslaught’s hands, defeating them with little issue. As everyone recovers, Ed remarks that they won’t be able to keep the press away from the debacle, but it seems like Garfield is through with hiding. 
  10. Bribes Shouldn’t Be Trusted: As the guests in Star City continue their dinner, Artemis bribes Brucely with more food. The mere mention of a bribe sends Violet into a frenzy before they rush out of the room. Dr. Jace follows her and persuades Violet into revealing the reasoning behind their strange behavior. Dr. Jace promises to keep Violet’s secret and sends them back inside. Once Violet is gone, Dr. Jace makes a mysterious phone call, saying she needs the unknown recipient’s help. Spell it with me, friends: S-H-A-D-Y. 
  11. Butterfly: Victor finally joins the dinner in Happy Harbor. In Taos, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Blue Beetle come out to the press as the day’s heroes, making themselves known. I can’t wait to see what kind of consequences this will bring. Tune in next week for Ariel’s anxiety goes through the roof!

WHEW! That was a lot, guys. Those three episodes were jam-packed with plot, characters, and new information. The perfect way to ease us back into Young Justice! Remember, starting next week, we will only be getting one episode a week. 

What was your favorite moment of the three episodes? We want to hear! Let us know in the comments below, or in the forum.

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#2 RE: Illusion of Control RecapSpecial Reporter 2019-07-03 07:40
Quoting SleepyDave:
Bluepulse may have sunken but new crackships arose from its ashes.

First of all, that kiss (????) between Ed and Bart? Was that a kiss? Anyway, we need a shipname for those two.
Virgil saying: "I need a girlfriend" and immediately then a cut to Vic. Nuff said.
When Vic entered M'ganns and Conners home, and he looked at Forager and Forager was all happy and there was some weird sparkling sound effect (or was that my imagination?)
Yeah, this season is going to be interesting xD

I will correct myself that is not a kiss! After pausing it on a computer, it looks like a very close hug. However, I'm unsure if this was intentional, or just something in the animation because Bart was moving so fast.
Virgil's running gag was pretty funny, not gonna lie.
I'll have to confirm that! Could just be inspiring music.
It will DEFINITELY be interesting!
+1 #1 RE: Illusion of Control RecapSleepyDave 2019-07-02 15:38
Bluepulse may have sunken but new crackships arose from its ashes.

First of all, that kiss (????) between Ed and Bart? Was that a kiss? Anyway, we need a shipname for those two.
Virgil saying: "I need a girlfriend" and immediately then a cut to Vic. Nuff said.
When Vic entered M'ganns and Conners home, and he looked at Forager and Forager was all happy and there was some weird sparkling sound effect (or was that my imagination?)
Yeah, this season is going to be interesting xD

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