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Change My Mind: I want to spend more time with the ‘Insiders’, AKA, The Team

How many different ways do you think I can say ‘Happy Wednesday’ before the season comes back? My guess is very few, but I’m counting this as an attempt. Anyway, it is Wednesday, which means I get to write passionately about another Young Justice topic that I feel strongly about. Consider yourselves lucky that you don’t know me in person, because I can assure you that my friends are all very tired of me going on (and on, and on) about Young Justice.

I will preface this piece by stating the obvious: yes, I am very well aware that this season is dubbed ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’. Yes, I am also aware that the Outsiders are the main focus of the season. However, I really can’t be the only one who has gotten a little weary of the same team and longs to learn more about the actual Team, right? One of the most jarring moments of Season 2 came during ‘Happy New Year’, in which we learned 5 years had passed and we were faced with a brand new team. While we got to know Bart, Jaime, and a couple other members pretty well, I still long to know more about the others. The same applies for this season. We have spent so much time with the Outsiders, which is great, but now I need a taste of something different. Here’s why I think we need more team:

  1. There’s still so much unknown: Part of me wishes that we could see what the team was like before Spoiler, Arrowette and Robin departed. With all these characters working as one, we have the possibility of fascinating dynamics, and yet we haven’t yet been able to see any of them. We got a tiny taste of it in ‘Away Mission’, but it only wet my appetite for more! I want to learn more about Bart, Jaime and Traci’s friendship, and how Virgil fits in with everyone there. After ‘Triptych’, I definitely want to see more of Robin, Arrowette and Spoiler, not to mention Orphan. They all worked so well together and I know that if we spent just a little more time with them, they would soon become just as beloved as the Outsiders.
  2. The Outsiders have already been well-established: Every episode this season has featured a plot with the Outsiders. We’ve gotten to know the characters, their personalities, what makes them tick. We’ve seen them train, seen them at their highs and lows, and we’ve even seen them during downtime. Ultimately, while we may not yet know every detail about the Outsiders, they have been very well-established as characters. Despite knowing this probably won’t happen, I could use a break from the Outsiders. They’ve been given more than their fair share of screentime, and I’d love to see it given to some of the other characters. An easy way to remedy this would be to put the Outsiders on the team, and I’m hoping that this is the direction the show will be heading in.
  3. The Team holds the heart of the show: If you asked me where the heart of Young Justice lied in Season 1, I would tell you that it lied within the original team. The Team carried the show, let us fall in love with its complicated characters and diverse plot lines that made the first season so compelling. While the Outsiders are endearing characters who might hold the heart of Season 3, I think the show still needs the covert Team to bring things full circle. Given more screen time, the Team would be able to win over audiences just like the original team did in Season 1.

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#1 I Concurtaytay9@ 2019-02-13 12:41
I totally agree with everything you said. Season one is my favorite out of the three (even though season three isn’t done yet) and one of the reasons is the team, who I got to see throughout the whole season. I just want to see more episodes with Jaime, Bart, Cassie, Traci, Virgil, Tim, Cissie, and Stephanie in 3b, especially Traci, Cissie, and Stephanie since they are new members to the team. I want to see more of Garfield, too since he wants back on the team. Also I would love to see a flashback episode of the team before Arrowette, Spoiler, and Robin left, too. I just really hope to see more of the team in 3b.

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