Outsiders Episode 318 One Line Synopsis

Ok Young Justice fans! Here we go! By now you've likely have seen "First Impression" and read Ariel's recap! If you haven't you should right now! Its just the previous article here! That said, if you are already done with your light serving of Young Justice today (because we only got one episode) perhaps we can entice you with the one line synopsis for the coming episode due out July 16th! This one sounds like its going to need the team at its fullest!

Project Rutabaga threatens to create an international crisis.

OOO, we are excited! We'll also add any new episode images that become available here. At the time of this posting nothing was out.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and in our forum!

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Next week’s episode .... get ready

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Next week’s episode .... get ready

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