Season 3 Episode 17 One Line Synopsis

By now, you've likely seen thre three new episodes from Young Justice Outsiders that were related today. It was so nice to see the show back and just like we used to enjoy, we got basically a feature length movie worth of new content. That isn't going to be the case coming next week. The show is going to reduce to one episode a week release until the final 3 episodes which will release all at once in August. However, that doesn't mean we are without Young Justice. We've got episode 317 coming up next Tuesday! While the title of the episode might be "First Impression", there is a very familiar enemy making a big return! Check out the synopsis below:

The Reach is back…unless the Outsiders can stop them!

EDIT: three new images for the episode have been released, check them out below. If more are released, we'll add them here:

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#1 RE: Season 3 Episode 17 One Line SynopsisSleepyDave 2019-07-04 04:52
Wow, Cassie finally gets some more screentime. I hope we'll get to see some more of Tim as well, as they still seem to be together? (Or maybe they broke up during that last episode lol)

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