Drabble Request 4: Could you do a story about the Outsiders and what it's like to have a normal day, maybe like homework or something?

“This is so stupid,” Victor muttered under his breath, staring down his Calculus homework with unbridled hatred. “Tell me again why I have to do this? It’s not like I can actually go to school anymore.”

M’gann sighed but didn’t look up from making dinner; she’d grown quite used to Victor’s moods. “Because it would be a shame if you didn’t finish your degree,” she pointed out.

“Yeah, even Cyborgs need degrees,” Conner teased, grunting when M’gann elbowed him in the ribs.

Homework hours at M’gann and Conner’s were now in session. After Violet and Forager started school, it became apparent that they needed some extra assistance on the homework front. Thus, they made sure to gather at least twice a week to be sure they were all completing it.

“No, Violet,” Brion grunted, pointing to the paper. “Those chemical formulas are all wrong.”

Violet pouted, glancing back down at her textbook. “There are just so many numbers… they make my head hurt. Can we go back to doing more of the easy class?”

“Yes, the ‘home ec’ was much more fun. And tasty.” Forager grinned, remembering how many cookies they’d made with M’gann a few days ago. “Can we make more cookies?”

“Not today, Forager. Brion, could you look over his English homework when you get a chance?”

Brion’s brow twitched at the request. It seemed he was now everyone’s private tutor. “Remind me again, why is my sister exempt from school?” In his opinion, a 14-year-old needed schooling far more than a sentient motherbox and an alien bug. But no, instead she got to miss out and go with Artemis to Star City.

“Because we’re still figuring out what to do with her,” Conner replied.

“And Artemis could use the help with Lian. So she’s needed there.”

Violet perked up, hearing her housemates’ names. “Can I go with Artemis and Lian?” She would much prefer to spend her time with them instead of making her brain hurt with all these chemistry and math equations. “Lian and I made pancakes with Will this morning, they were very delicious,” she chirped.

“I am sure they were,” Brion said, tapping a pencil back to her homework. “But you need to finish this.”

It was odd how normal this all was; Victor often had a difficult time wrapping his head around it. Freaks, all of them, and yet they were all seated around a table doing homework. This was his new life, he supposed. Unfortunately, he hadn’t yet decided if it was for the better, or worse.

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#1 Definitely for the Bettertaytay9@ 2019-04-03 14:36
Aw Victor. He is with really good people and I hope he soon realizes that it might be for the better.

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